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Hi there!
by Lisey (beatnikbabyyy)
at May 29th, 2009 (08:53 pm)

Hi, I'm a 17 year old Christian and I love finding Livejournal communities with great advocacies :) In high school, we learned that ALL religions have the same message, just different ways of expressing that message. All religions are basically guides in helping us become better people. Although we might have different names for our Gods (be it God, Yahweh, Allah, etc.) and very different traditions, the important thing is to live our lives with respect for one another in order to give glory to our supreme beings, regardless of what we may call them.

I find it very sad that over the course of history, many mistakes have been made on both ends of the stick. It saddens me when people automatically think that Christians are overzealous bigots who see sin everywhere, and go so far as to refer to the medieval crusades. It saddens me when people call Muslims terrorists. I think we're all just people, struggling to find our own paths. Religion is NOT meant to create barriers between people. It's so much more important to focus on the similarities and the way our differences compliment each other.

I don't know if other people follow American Idol as intently as I do, but this year's top two really personified my belief in the idea "unity in diversity" Adam Lambert and Kris Allen overcame their obvious differences and learned to love one another like true brothers. I realized that one can be a devout Christian (like Kris) without constantly lording their beliefs over anyone else. It even inspired me to start a little photo project which will be displayed on a community I started, soon :) I think that change is right here, and now, and we can make it awesome together :)

ahimsa422 [userpic]
by ahimsa422 (ahimsa422)
at July 12th, 2008 (08:38 pm)

Anyway,  I started this community because I felt that there was just too much misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims within the United States and Western world in general after September 11. After doing research I found that Islam and Christianity (as well as Judaism) are strikingly similar and share many of the same virtues and ideas. I made this community because I wanted to attempt to demonstrate that Christians and Muslims (women especially, in this case) can have peaceful communication and understanding.


P.S. Jewish women are encouraged to post as well if they wish.

ahimsa422 [userpic]
by ahimsa422 (ahimsa422)
at July 12th, 2008 (08:36 pm)

Thank you all very much for posting/commenting. To be honest, I didn't think this community would ever catch on; you have given me a ray of hope however. Thank you very much.

* [userpic]
It's oh so quiet....
by * (arkady)
at June 24th, 2008 (06:28 pm)

Hello, all; it's very quiet in here, isn't it?

I thought I'd join as I am Christian but my youngest sister converted to Islam some time ago. She and I have found that far from driving us apart, our respective faiths have brought us closer together due to the similarities between Christianity and Islam.

There seem to be quite a few members here despite the lack of posts, so tell me - what brought you here? :-)

ahimsa422 [userpic]
by ahimsa422 (ahimsa422)
at February 8th, 2008 (10:40 am)

 Hello ladies. I am the maintainer of this community and I just thought I should make a post to start off this community. The objective of this community is to be place where Islamic and Christian women can meet and discuss their similarities and differences in a constructive and peaceful manner. Not everyone will agree with each other's views, but it vitally important that everyone be respectful toward everyone else. Through this community I hope Christian and Islamic women can establish some commonalities and ally themselves as women and abolish prejudices. I hope everyone enjoys the community and has a great time. 

* As a final note: if anyone becomes disrespectful or harrasses anyone, please inform me by sending me a message and I will deal with the situation. Everyone needs to be respected here and harrassment or cruelty will not be tolerated.

Kindly, Your Maintainer,


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